Have You Ever Wondered How All The Big Names in Marketing
Get Streams and Streams of Visitors and Prospective
Customers Queuing Up To Visit Their Sites?

"How Would You Like to Have Multiple Streams
of Targeted TrafficGoing Straight to Your
eBay Store, Auction, Blog, Newsletter
or Squeeze Page"

If you want to start generating some serious traffic that will bring in
some serious sales or subscribers then look no further!

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Many people often overlook the most important part of any business, project or personal venture, which is essential if you wish to succeed. Driving Traffic to Your Product or Project.

So what is traffic? Basically, traffic means ‘visitors’, the more traffic you get, the more visitors you get to your website, which ultimately results in more sales. Website Traffic is the single largest factor that determines the success or failure of your website, if you have no traffic to your website then your website will certainly fail. To put it a different way ...

Traffic is The Heart of Any Business

Now, if you can imagine your traffic situation as a shopping mall that has no people at all. If there are no people in there, then there is nobody to browse or buy from the shops, nobody to visit or buy from YOU!

Let's face it .. There's not much point having a superb website, product or shop if nobody actually knows that it exists, contrary to what some people believe, traffic (visitors) will not automatically start flowing to your website as soon as you launch it, not without a helping hand ...

Let Me Extend The Helping Hand You Need...

Now before I go any further let me show you what your traffic stats could look like if you apply some of the simple methods that I explain in this traffic course :

This is a screenshot of a typical weeks traffic sorted by page views,
as you can see it is well over 60,000 per day!


This is a screenshot of a typical weeks traffic sorted by unique visits,
as you can see it is well over 20,000 unique visitors per day!


So there you have it, imagine if all those visitors were traveling straight to YOU! Imagine if you had a sales page or even an opt-in form waiting for all your new found targeted traffic. If you can learn from this traffic course, even just the basics, then you can implement them into your own website or business and get some 'new blood' running through it's veins.


"This is by far your best creation to date"

What can I say apart from where do I start?

Not only have you covered every possible way of getting traffic to your website but you have also covered it in such a way so anyone, and I mean anyone can understand.

I simply love the way each traffic method has it's own easy to follow module and the fact you explain everything in an easy to understand manner. I simply love your videos, audio's and written material, you really have taken care of everyone.

We go back a long way Dave and I have seen everything you have put out there but let me tell you this is by far your best creation to date. I strongly believe this will turn out to be one to the most sought after products of the year and it will help thousands of people to finally start getting the traffic they deserve to their websites. If you need to learn how to maximize your website traffic this is the course for you.

Well done.

John Thornhill


If you spend all our hard earned money and time creating a website, product or auction, then you would not just 'expect' customers to turn up at your door step out of thin air would you, it would be like finding a needle in a hay stack ... A very BIG hay stack!

What you really need to do is to give visitors directions, you need to show them how to get to you, you need to drive them to your website, product or auction using targeted traffic methods. The likes of which you will find in Total Web Traffic.

So Why Do We Need All This Traffic?

Well, quite simply, the more traffic you get to your website, product or auction, the more potential customers or subscribers you have on your doorstep, not just any old customers, but customers targeted towards your particular niche!


"You don't do anything by halves, do you?!!"

Dave, thanks for letting me be a nosey parker on this one.

All I can say is... you don't do anything by halves, do you?!! I think the word `Traffic' is enough to strike fear into many a newbie's heart.

When you're first starting out it's hard enough to master the basics of setting up a website or a product, but once it's all done...then what? It all looks fantastic, great graphics, cool sales page, fantastic product...but no-one is visiting. I regularly get emails to my support desk "how do I get traffic to my website" and I have to admit, it's such a huge topic that it's often impossible to go through the whole range of techniques in a single reply.

That's why I consider that your Total Web Traffic should be a COMPULSORY purchase for anyone who's serious about building a long-term business online. At the end of the day, we can all work our fingers to the bone, but none of it is any use unless we can get people to see what we've been working so hard at.

Total Web Traffic isn't just a sketchy outline or a bulleted list of methods to drive traffic that anyone can find by doing a google search. This product actually gets down to the nitty gritty. You've taken 21 of the most effective techniques and broken them down into easily understandable modules, complete with short, informative videos for added emphasis.

There's even one or two methods in this package that I've deliberately avoided in the past (she says, sheepishly). I'm a bit of a whimp and they always sounded so daunting and the sort of thing I'd never be able to master. Thanks, Dave, for enlightening me and explaining everything so comprehensively. Isn't it always the way that things you assumed were difficult are not anywhere near as bad!

My advice to anyone reading this would be to grab Total Web Traffic TODAY! Seriously, if you pass this product without snapping it up, you'll only have yourself to blame if your website is sitting on your webspace attracting nothing but dust!

Paula Brett


"I was very, very impressed!"

"You created a step by step guide that anyone can follow to generate huge amounts of targeted traffic"

"Most of the gurus do not tell you the secrets of generating targeted traffic, you achieved that and a whole lot more with Total Web Traffic"

Ray Johnson


What Does Targeted Traffic Mean?

That means, you won't get people who are not interested in your business, you will get a stream of visitors who are all interested in what you have to offer them.

If you want to learn the secrets of channeling multiple streams of targeted traffic to your own website then look no further, stop your searching and get everything you need to know all in one great traffic course, get all the top secrets and all the top methods in one fell swoop!


"Don’t let this Traffic course pass you by"

Dave. You’ve cracked it! Everybody needs Traffic, Traffic and yet more Traffic!  So how do newcomers and some experienced marketers, learn where all this traffic is? And more to the point, how do they get hold of Targeted Traffic.

“Total Web Traffic” that’s how. This is the place to help you start generating some serious traffic. Don’t let this Traffic course pass you by. Keep it by your side at all times. It will point you in the right direction on the road to internet success!

Ron Hotchkiss.


"You have finally leveled the playing field for the little guy"

Hi Dave,

We are so often bombarded with products claiming to be the 'end all be all' on traffic generation. God knows I've purchased most of them only to find myself even more lost and confused than when I started!

The reason I'm so excited about Total Web Traffic is you have finally leveled the playing field for the little guy. Finally, someone has put it into simple easy to understand videos that even a caveman can follow!

My hat goes off to you mate! Thanks for creating something that is truly useful and not just a bunch of outdated nonsense surrounded by up to date hype.

This is probably your best product to date!

Omar Martin


Want to see how traffic converts into sales?

Here are 2 typical sales charts for one of my products before and after traffic has been applied:


As you can see from the charts above, having a targeted traffic flow really does make the difference between a few and a few hundred sales.

Traffic generation is not just needed by people starting out in business, it is also needed by established and well known people and businesses, let's face it, why settle for a few hundred if you can have a few thousand, and why settle for a few thousand when you can have a few hundred thousand!


"You over deliver in a sensible way"

Hi Dave,

Randy Smith here - I've just taken a quick look around the members area
of Total Web Traffic... and yet again - I'm, impressed.
You do something that I always like to see with good marketers, you over deliver in a sensible way!

The videos I've watched are quality - but straight to the point
(I don't like wasting time watching lengthy vids that are filled with pointless waffle)

The modules are nice easily digested chunks, and the bonuses are very relevant.

Nice Job Dave and I'm sure any investor will soon recoup the price with extra traffic leading to more income for them!

Congrats on another great product.

Randy Smith


"I also love the bonus Interviews with traffic experts"

Hey Dave,

Many thanks for letting me take a look inside your members area!

As always I'm very impressed with the way you've put all of the information together, you obviously put a lot of time and thought into this project.

The content will be very, very useful for anyone who is struggling to generate traffic to their website. I like the way you haven't just taken one method of traffic generation, you have gone overboard and covered over 21 different methods and also hundreds of useful tactics!

So even if one method isn't working, their are loads of other methods they can check out instead.

I also love the bonus Interviews with traffic experts, one of them is particularly amazing ;-)


Dan Thompson


"WOW! You really have surpassed yourself here"

Hi Dave,

WOW! You really have surpassed yourself here with Total Web Traffic.

The content you have provided is absolutely top class, I personally think that is is the best traffic website for beginners that I have ever seen, and I think that any new starter today must be mad if they do not have at least some of the traffic methods that you cover in place.

I personally use some of the methods you explain for my own sites, with great success, I also found some methods that I was not using, but really should be.

The benefits of Total Web Traffic for a new starter on the net today will be truly outstanding, it's nice to see that somebody has thought about the beginners and everyday users when creating a product.

It's even better to see such a high quality site for such a low cost!

Well done Dave.

Dan Sumner



So don't just leave your website, product or auction to pure chance, in the hope that one day somebody might just pass it by and visit you...

Inject It With a Worldwide Audience and Get Yourself Noticed!

Let the world know you exist and give them the chance to find you and give yourself a chance to be found, start now with Total Web Traffic and learn exactly what you need to do in order to get yourself noticed, and start the constant stream of visitors flowing to you from all over the world.

Learn All of The Simplest, Yet Hardest Hitting, Most Effective
Forms of Traffic Generation Known Today.



Your privacy is safe. We will never pass your email address to a 3rd party
and you may opt-out at any time.



First and foremost, this course is targeted on beginners, so do not worry if you have never applied any traffic generation methods before,
I do not try to complicate anything and I have kept things really             simple

You will get access to my members area for life. Once you have paid your single payment, you will then have access for life, you will have access to all updates and improvements, and take it from me there             will be a lot!

You will get access to my video area where I will show you in high quality video all of my top methods of traffic generation.

I will explain about Opt-in and Autoresponders, very simply so everyone will be able to follow.

I will explain about Articles and Article Marketing, very simply so everyone will be able to follow.

I will explain about Pay Per Click Advertising, very simply so everyone will be able to follow.

I will explain about using Forums to Increase Traffic, very simply so everyone will be able to follow.

I will explain about using Blogs to Generate Traffic, very simply so everyone will be able to follow.

I will explain about using Affiliate Programs to Generate Traffic, very simply so everyone will be able to follow.

I will explain about Banner Advertising for Your Traffic, very simply so everyone will be able to follow.

I will explain about Ad Swapping for Your Traffic, very simply so everyone will be able to follow.

I will explain about using Free Classifieds to Generate More Traffic, very simply so everyone will be able to follow.

I will explain about using Ezine Ads for Your Traffic, very simply so everyone will be able to follow.

I will explain about using Link Exchange and Traffic Exchange for Your Traffic, very simply so everyone will be able to follow.

I will explain about using Social Bookmarking and Social Networking for Your Traffic, very simply so everyone will be able to follow.

You will get access to much much more, a lot more than I could possibly fit on this page, there are actually over 700 tactics that you can use in this course and I have chosen 21 of my top methods of             traffic generation and went into a little more detail about them.

I will give you full access to the Total Web Traffic 'BONUS' section, where there will be loads of additional material, including interviews with experts, bonus traffic methods and additional traffic material.


So what are you waiting for?

Get yourself set on auto-pilot now with a constant flow of traffic. Start now by sending yourself multiple streams of targeted traffic and at the same time give the world what they have been searching so hard to find! You Win! They Win! We All Win!

Now You Quite Literally Have The World at Your Fingertips!
You are just one click away from the knowledge of how to give yourself a worldwide audience.

All This is Also 100% Risk Free For YOU, as I am
Adding a Full Money Back Guarantee!

If you are not completely satisfied with Total Web Traffic
then you can have your money back


Yes Dave! I am ready to start learning about how to get massive traffic!

I understand that by placing my secure order today, I will be getting instant access to Total Web Traffic.

I'll have immediate access to the same techniques that have already been proven to drive massive amounts of traffic to any website, product or auction.

You've made it a very easy decision with your 100% iron-clad money back guarantee and I'm ready to start right now, so I'm clicking the secure order button below.

I understand that this is a one time only payment for lifetime access to this excellent traffic course.


Invest In Total Web Traffic Now
For Only $97.00

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As soon as you have purchased, we will send you your login details instantly, even if it is 3am!
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You will then be directed to your individual
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P.S. Don't just 'hope' that the visitors will flow to you, make it happen with the Total Web Traffic course, jam packed with loads of useful information, videos and bonuses that are targeted on beginners, so you can get started RIGHT HERE.

P.P.S Remember, I am offering a full 60 day 100% money back guarantee, so if you don't think you are getting much much more than your money worth, I will gladly refund you, no questions asked.


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